Michael G. LoPresti

l grew up in Virginia but moved to Japan in 2002.  After moving to Japan I launched a career in healthcare marketing research and joined the medical research arm of the INTAGE Group, Japan's largest marketing research organization. Since then I have managed and supported with over 200 healthcare market access studies for Japan.  

Studies I have conducted in the recent past have covered the following topics:

  • potential reimbursement and strategy development for new drugs and medical devices being developed for Japan 
  • healthcare policy developments related to the funding of rare and acute diseases in Japan 
  • access to and reimbursement for companion diagnostic devices in Japan 
  • recent changes in vaccine coverage in Japan
  • developments concerning the reimbursement of biosimilars in Japan
  • access for new technologies in Japan through the advanced medical treatment  program and other alternative access programs in Japan

I am an active participant in several Japan-based organizations related to health economics and market access including the Japan Chapter of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR), the Japan Health Economics Association (JHEA), the QOL/PRO Research Group, and the Japanese Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (JSPE).  I am also a member of the global ISPOR organization and Healthcare Technology Assessment International (HTAi). 

In 2014 I co-authored an 80-page secondary report on the pricing of medical devices and diagnostics in Japan with my friend and mentor, Don Macarthur.  

I completed a Master's degree in Economics and another in Demography (Population Health) at the Florida State University and I am currently working on a doctorate in Health Economics under Dr. Ataru Igarashi with the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at The University of Tokyo.

When I am not working and spending quality time with my family, I like to listen to live music and take in fine art (particularly impressionism and realism) - preferably with my wife.  My brother and personal art guide is a professional artist based in New York City. He keeps me connected to the aesthetics of life, so to speak. I added a few of my favorites from his work below!


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